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Training and development

Local engagement is important to us at Brunel. Wherever we are in the world, we make it a priority to actively support local content development.

For example, when international and local suppliers offer similar quality products and services, we always give preference to locals. We also give first consideration to qualified local residents for employment and (sub-)contracting opportunities.

If there’s a lack of skilled local people, we provide training to build up the talent pool in the community in which we’re operating. We’re eager to capitalise on our strengths in training development, and are actively working on providing local qualified trainers in various disciplines, coordinating national training centres, putting training programs together, and encouraging our specialists to participate in study programs, training and professional societies. Our not-for-profit arm, the Brunel Training Association, focuses on training and mentoring local apprentices and upskilling specialists in order to support the longevity of the offshore construction industry.

Over the years we’ve achieved a successful track record with local content development plans in countries such as Angola, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Kazakhstan and Russia. In many countries in South East Asia, and among some indigenous Australians, our training, mentoring and local content achievements are a proven success.

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