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Vendor inspection

Our international Vendor Inspection team successfully provides our clients with third party vendor inspection services at vendor locations worldwide. Our highly qualified and experienced inspectors can provide you with auditing and inspection services at vendor locations and onsite, for a minimum call-out of 8 hours. These specialists will be your single point of contact, and can provide both ad-hoc and resident-based inspections. We can also arrange a qualified inspector living near to the vendor location on short notice. Our global services include vendor quality surveillance, source and vendor inspections, as well as expediting. Our inspection services are ISO0991:2008 certified.

Vendor Quality Surveillance

Before a vendor receives the initial purchase order, we conduct a vendor quality surveillance audit. This audit assures you that the vendor will comply with your purchase orders and specification requirements on time and to the highest standard.

Inspection and expediting services

Once the vendor has met the audit requirements and you’ve awarded them a purchase order for materials and equipment, we undertake a series of procedures that are available for all of our source inspections, vendor inspections and expediting services. These procedures include early cost estimates, pre-inspection meetings, cost estimates and controls, release and rejection notices, and final reports.

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